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We are a UK distributor for Air-conditioning products with a unique USP of having an in-house Chartered Engineering department to assist our clients with a 3rd party overview of design items relating to topics such as Building Regulations approval, hydraulic design assistance, energy reports as we are able to understand our clients needs for looking at the whole system solution integration and not just the end product. AEUK Ltd supply only the highest quality and highly energy efficient products which is demonstrated in the manufacturing processes/standards and the Research and Development undertaken at both Aermec. This ‘In-house’ relationship of Engineers, Sales and Manufacturing has enabled us to work closely with the manufactures in assisting with the further advancement of the solutions we can offer.
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Modern infrastructures require optimized HVAC solutions which are fully integrated with the overall system requirements. To achieve this AEUK offers dedicated and personalized designs to perfectly match these specific individual needs. 

Witness tests represent an additional assurance provided by Aermec which allow the User to verify, prior to installation, that all project requirements will be met and maintained at all times. 

Our factory witness tests allow the following processes to be implemented and validated: 

  1. Tests at design conditions as well as personalized customer defined conditions.
  2. Verify that the proposed products will operate correctly once installed on-site.
  3. Ensure the expected performance levels will be met at all times.
  4. Operate the unit at both full and partial load conditions, mapping performance and energy consumptions.
  5. Simulate operation under extreme conditions, including extremely low and high ambient temperatures.
  6. Perform specific noise emission tests.
  7. Simulate operation at the design operating limits and also at extreme levels beyond these limits.
  8. Allow verifications to be performed which assist in smooth start-up and commissioning on-site.
  9. Supply a full set of calibration certificates concerning the equipment utilized for the tests

Aermec’s dedicated witness testing facilities, principally incorporated within Europe’s largest air conditioning testing chamber, allow single units up to 2MW to be tested at full load. The facilities are accredited to perform Eurovent and AHRI certified testing and allow accurate witness testing with precision levels of +/- 0.2°C and ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C to +55°C. 

We offers witness testing for air and water-cooled Chillers and Heat Pumps, Air Handling Units, Indirect Evaporative Coolers and Dry Coolers; a Data Centre simulator is also available. 

A dedicated customer lounge allows Users to graphically monitor all tests in real time, continuously presenting and recording all measured data. Aermec issues an official written report which fully specifies and details all test results and conditions, offering the customer an official confirmation as to the performed tests. 

AEUK witness tests are an additional service aimed at ensuring optimized solutions which perfectly meet the User needs, removing the potential risks of undesired and unexpected issues in the field.

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